...what I'm up to right now.

A picture of javascript.
Black and white picture of me in deep thought.

Finished up Rails 4 in Action, then I finished up Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial... After all that Railsy goodness, I decided I wanted to branch out a bit and so I am now I'm working on the Django polls tut and also working through some of Udacity's Android courses. So far I've just built some small, single page Android apps throughout the courses. However, in the current course I'm taking, we're building a multi-page app, sooooo..... hooray! It seems to be a fairly simple app. They provide some assests, a small dictionary of Miwok words, audio pronunciations, and pictues. We'll be creating an app to put those words and pronunciations with english words and pictures.
Also, as always, thanking my wife.

--Thanks to Derek at sivers.org for inspiring me to make this page.