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An Unfinished Read

Books I Still Haven't Read

So I've purchased and been gifted a decent amount of books that have a bookmark about 50 pages in. Looking at them now, it appears that all my unfinished books are educational. Programming, physics, electronics, a really BIG Bible...all of them almost completely unread.'s a link back home
Leatherbound Bible
The Case for Christ Study Bible
Physics Book
Exploring Creation with Physics...2nd Edition
Physics Book Study Guide
Solutions and Tests For: Exploring Creation with Physics...2nd Edition
Fullness of Time book cover
In The Fullness of Time
A Historian Looks at the Christmas, Easter, and the Early Church
Electronics book
Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics
Electronics Study Guide
The Associate CET Study Guide
Intro programming book for Python
Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python
Another Python intro book
Hello World!
Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners
Yet another book for Python
Learn Python the Hard Way
A book on Python and the Raspberry Pi
Programming the Raspberry Pi
Getting Started with Python
Python pocket reference
Python Pocket Reference